Since 2001, I work as an independent Garden-and Landscape Architect in The Hague. With great enthusiasm I  design all sorts of, mainly private, gardens: small and large urban gardens, roof terraces, country gardens. In my garden designs, the planting plays a major role: without planting, no garden. Nice, carefully chosen planting supports and strengthens the spatial design en creates live(liness) in the garden, throughout the year.
Occasionally, I work on large scale landscape projects.

Backgarden Klaas Geertsplantsoen Amsterdam Noord

This backgarden belongs to a new house from 2020 and was full with sand and rubbish. The existing fences on...

Backgarden Vijverhof Voorburg

The owners’ wished for a green garden with more variety and structure, and as much use as possible of the...

Backgarden Wethouder Sonneveldhof Delfgauw

This small, rather dark garden is divided into a small terrace directly in front of the house, made of bricks,...

Backgarden Copernicusstraat The Hague

The raised grey plantcontainers on both sides of this narrow backgarden have been replaced by curved plantborders with nice planting....

Backgarden Anton de Haenstraat The Hague

Behind the extension on the right a new shed has been placed, out of sight of the house. In the...

Backgarden Carel Reinierskade The Hague

Left at the back, in the lower part of the garden, stands a new shed. A narrow Cortensteel container has...


A well designed garden is a green oasis which is naturally linked to the house and its surroundings, and where one is pleasantly surprised. The planting with all its growth and flowering forms, and its variability through time, is essential: without planting no garden. The wishes of the client, the architecture and interior of the house, the context of the garden (location, views) plus the planting possibilities (soil, light and water) lay the basis for the design. My design style: a clear structure with a contrasting, lush planting adds an extra dimension. The result is a unique, custom-made garden.

Based on the wishes of the client, the garden and its context, I make a quote. The design costs depend on the size of the garden and the complexity of the commission. After approval, I make at least two sketches. A more elaborate design follows, with detailed plant- and landscaping plans. After consultation, I make the final design. The result is a complete design, incl. planting and paving, sizes, complemented if necessary by cross sections and detailed elaborations, plus a shopping list for the planting. When the design is being constructed by a gardener, I discuss the design with him beforehand. During construction I’ll keep an eye on the work and come along as often as necessary.

For construction works I cooperate very pleasantly, and to the satisfaction of clients, with the following gardeners, for many years already: Martijn Zuurmond Tuinen (www. martijnzuurmondtuinen.nl), Heijbers and Verkleij Hoveniers (www.heijbersverkleij.nl),  Kroon Tuinverzorging (www.kroon-tuinverzorging.nl),  Buitensfeer Tuinen (www.buitensfeer.nl), Henri de Jong Tuinen (www.henridejong.nl)


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