Since 2001, I work as an independent Garden-and Landscape Architect in The Hague. With great enthusiasm I  design all sorts of, mainly private, gardens: small and large urban gardens, roof terraces, country gardens. In my garden designs, the planting plays a major role: without planting, no garden. Nice, carefully chosen planting supports and strengthens the spatial design en creates live(liness) in the garden, throughout the year.
Occasionally, I work on large scale landscape projects.

Back garden Oosteinde Voorburg

A large natural pond and a garden house with mooring possibilities for a small boat at the very back of...

Back garden on a parking garage Westeinde The Hague

The first half of this garden is situated on top of a parking garage. Here is a spacious terrace, made...

Back garden Jacob de Graefflaan The Hague

An absolute eye-catcher in this family garden is the orange pond in the middel of the garden. The color is...

Back garden Van Speijkstraat The Hague

This long city garden was almost completely overgrown with ivy and evergreen shrubs. A giant, multi-stemmed Maple in the back...

Back garden Sleedoornstraat The Hague

The owners of this southeast-facing city garden, belonging to a groundfloor apartment, wanted a quiet, ‘graphic’, monastery-like garden with privacy...

Back garden Van Galenstraat Den Haag

Eye-catcher is a robust pergola of wooden poles and beams, with black-powdered steel sleepers between them. Under this, with Grape,...

A well designed garden is a green oasis which is naturally linked to the house and its surroundings, and where one is pleasantly surprised. The planting with all its growth and flowering forms, and its variability through time, is essential: without planting no garden. The wishes of the client, the architecture and interior of the house, the context of the garden (location, views) plus the planting possibilities (soil, light and water) lay the basis for the design. My design style: a clear structure with a contrasting, lush planting adds an extra dimension. The result is a unique, custom-made garden.

Based on the wishes of the client, the garden and its context, I make a quote. The design costs depend on the size of the garden and the complexity of the commission. After approval, I make at least two sketches. A more elaborate design follows, with detailed plant- and landscaping plans. After consultation, I make the final design. The result is a complete design, incl. planting and paving, sizes, complemented if necessary by cross sections and detailed elaborations, plus a shopping list for the planting. When the design is being constructed by a gardener, I discuss the design with him beforehand. During construction I’ll keep an eye on the work and come along as often as necessary.

For construction works I cooperate very pleasantly, and to the satisfaction of clients, with the following gardeners, for many years already: Heijbers and Verkleij Hoveniers (www.heijbersverkleij.nl), Van der Drift Hoveniers (www.vanderdrift.nl), Kroon Tuinverzorging (www.kroon-tuinverzorging.nl).
Since May 2013, I also work together with House of Green, a unique garden store in The Hague (www.houseofgreen.nl), for occasional garden designs.


Renée Santema
Koningsplein 41
2518 JH Den Haag
070 – 3451956 / 06 – 23704087


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