Backgarden Anton de Haenstraat Den Haag

13.80 x 5.50/4.60/4.20m, plus 3.80 x 4.40m
North East
Ocktober 2021
April 2022, by Henri de Jong Tuinen
July 2022 and June 2023
Behind the extension in the back, out of sight from the house, a new shed has been built. In the corner to the left of the shed lies a sunken shell terrace. A single overgrwon pegola above the fence provides extra privacy for this terrace. In the middle part of the garden, several plantborders create a lush and green atmosphere. In the vista of the bedroomwindow sits a special waterfeature amidst planting.  Directly in front of the house is a small terrace for in the shade. An overgrown pergola 0ver the full width of the garden creates depth and privacy here. Three new trees provide verticality and, again, extra privacy in this narrow urban garden.