Back garden Paramaribostraat Den Haag

2.70 x 14.00m
July 2017
August 2017, by Heijbers en Verkleij Hoveniers
July 2018
This shady narrow city garden has been given a certain lightness by the use of light grey shells, and the creation of structure by means of a pergola and planting in different heights and leaf shapes. In the back of the garden and along the entire length on the right a new fence of vertical anthracite-colored boards has been placed, alternated by a willow fence. In the back stands a high planter with a wooden corner bench, on a small terrace made of bricks. Between planting you walk on to a small terrace of shells, Then you walk under an overgrown pergola over a narrow winding path of bricks to a third small terrace directly in front of the house.