Backgarden Beatrixstraat Noordwijk

8.00 x 13.00m
North East
February 2021
April / May 2021. by owners themselves
August 2021
Directly in front of the house is a raised wooden deck terrace. Near the kitchen stands a double overgrown pergola of 3.50m, of which 1.50m forms the passage tot he rest of the garden. The remaining 1.00m under the pergola contains a Bamboo plus a copper shower. A light veranda has been built over the full width in the back. The central part of the garden consists of an L-shaped plant border, with an approx. 3.00m long Corten Steel plant container filled with ornamental grasses. Against the new fence stands a firm wooden tabel with a BBQ. The paving consists of long concrete tiles in de veranda and shells in the rest of the garden (wooden deck and concrete tiles were eventually swapped). The result is a robust, yet green and cozy family garden.