Backgarden Carel Reinierskade The Hague

6.30 x 9.30m
July 2021
January 2022, by Martijn Zuurmond Tuinen
Photo's (by owners themselves)
July 2022
Left at the back, in the lower part of the garden, stands a new shed. A narrow Cortensteel container has been placed around the existing ornamental Cherrie-trees in the back. In front of this lies a shell-terrace, which is bordered by a second Cortensteel plantcontainer with a bench of wooden beams on its edge. In height, this container is connected to a bamboo deckterrace over the full width and directly in front of the house. A third Cortensteel container is situated on the left, incorporated in the deckterrace. Behind this container is a plantborder which gradually slopes down to the lower level. Between the Cortensteel containers / the border are a few easy steps of lightgrey concrete, under an overgrown pergola.