Backgarden Copernicusstraat The Hague

2.70 x 12.00m
North West
April 2021
August 2021, by Thomas Kroon Hoveniers
July 2022
The raised grey plantcontainers on both sides of this narrow backgarden have been replaced by curved plantborders with nice planting. Old clay bricks have taken the place of the existing concrete tiles  About halfway the garden, this paving is interrupted by a small shell terrace, combined with an overgrown pergola of 3.00 x 2.70m, with a bench underneath. The two exisiting Olive-trees are replanted in a raised plantcontainer in the back. In front of this container is room for a small dining table with chairs. In this way this dark and somewaht chilly backgarden has been transformed in a green oasis with privacy, where it is pleasant to stay.