Backgarden Pauwenlaan Den Haag

5.70 x 12.70m
North West
March 2021
April 2022, by Martijn Zuurmond Tuinen
August 2022
With relatively few interventions a green and spacious garden had to be created. The terrace in front of the house has been repaved: light-grey concrete strips with bricks around them. A second terrace, made of shell, has been made in front of the existing veranda at the back. A custom-made, covered outdoorkitchen is placed against the fence at the rear left. The middle part of the garden consists of a small lawn, two plantborders containing the 2 existing trees, a path of grass-cobbelestone-tiles, plus two single overgrown pergolas. The pergolas make this garden special: they create depth, accentuate the passages and offer the possibility for hanging a hammock.