Backgarden Steigerstraat The Hague

6.00 x 16.00m
South West
January 2019
May 2019, by Jolie
August 2021
Its location on top of a parking garage, with a layer of soil of 30cm, close to the coast, presented a challenge to turn this garden, belonging to a new building project into a green oasis. Three large elevated Corten steel plantcontainers, filled with ornamental grasses, shrubs and strong perennials are situated in such a way that there is always a green view from the house and from the raised wooden deck in the corner near the shed. Evergreen hedges on the property boundaries and a steel pergola overgrown with climbers provide shelter and extra greenery, even in winter. Next to the shed lies a small lawn of artifical grass, for the kids. Shell paths reflect the atmosphere of the coast.