Backgarden Vijverhof Voorburg

6.50 x 19.00m
North West
December 2021
May 2022, by Buitensfeer Tuinen
July 2022
The owners’ wished for a green garden with more variety and structure, and as much use as possible of the existing plants. The garden is therefore divided into various ‘rooms’. Right behind the first hedge is a small terrace with a path along the wood storage and a path through planting leading to the rest of the garden, all made of old bricks. Then there is a small lawn, followed by a passage under an overgrown pergola and through planting, to a second terrace at the waterfront. This terrace is somewhat hidden behind two hedges and a beautiful large tree. Along the waterfront is a narrow wooden deck and amidst the planting bordering the lawn sits a beautiful round and flat waterbowl of Cortensteel. Not all plants were there at the time the photo’s were taken.