Backgarden Wethouder Sonneveldhof Delfgauw

5.30 x 5.70m, plus 1.60 x 2.60m
October 2021
April 2022, by Heijbers en Verkleij Hoveniers
July 2022
This small, rather dark garden is divided into a small terrace directly in front of the house, made of bricks, with loose tiles in between, plus a second larger terrace in front of the shed. This terrace lies 15cm lower than the rest of the garden and is made of shells that provide lightness. The height difference is solved by a strip of Cortensteel. Two borders on either side of the garden are situated and planted in such a way that the whole garden looks very green. A with Rose overgrown pergola creates depth in the garden, provides a nice transition between the garden sections and offers the possibility to hang a swing or hanging chair. A modern cheerful rainbarrel is attached to the rainpipe.